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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Many couples are crying, trying, fasting, praying and running around to have at least a baby. But to some, it is child’s play. Ironically, some of these that have children at their beck and call feel the pinch and sometimes wish it wasn’t so for them especially when they come in multiples.
With seven children in three births, all coming in multiples, the Okosudo family in Lagos seem to be fagged out over child bearing. They are actually happy to have kids, but the number and the manner they come alarm them and make them cry for assistance.
The miracle came after the couple’s seven years of marriage. Mrs Okosudo’s first pregnancy in 2005 produced twins, Victory and Mary, while her second pregnancy in 2009 produced yet another twins,, Godspower and Godshand. The couple never expected what they have, but as nature may have it, they had no choice than to embrace the children.
The good news of the safe delivery of the triplet was tainted by the inability of the woman and her babies to leave the hospital due to her inability to pay hospital bills. Sad enough, as at the time of filing this report, Mr Okosudo was still running around to raise some money for that purpose. An additional burden is the stress in finding money to provide some items for the babies and food for their mother.
Mrs Okosudo expressed happiness over the special blessing of having children, even more than the number she expected. She also said that the major problem the family faces is to cater for the children. Since she and her husband cannot face the challenges alone she called for support from the public, government and individuals to give her family some support. “It is true that God has blessed us with these babies, but we are in trouble because there is no money, that is why we need support to meet the challenges.”
Her husband who hails from Uromi in Edo State told us what happened to his family was really unexpected and therefore surprising. He stated that he was very happy for the gift, but at the same time he feels, uncomfortable due to the problem of their upkeep. “I will not say I am not happy for what God has done for me, but the problem is that I do not have money to cater for the children. The little business I was doing collapsed. Now, I do not have any business or job, and no one to assist me, that is why I cannot pay the hospital bill or cater for my family”.
Okosudo was terrified when he was told that his wife had triplets because he said he made moves to stop another conception. “I was afraid when I heard that my wife had triplets, after having twins twice. To tell you the truth, we tried to terminate the pregnancy. We thought we succeeded after some sign not knowing that the pregnancy was intact.”
Aside his appeal for financial assistance, Okosudo called anyone that has any job opportunity to consider him for employment, so that he could help himself. “I am in need of job so that I can help myself, instead of depending on money from public donations to the family.”

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