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Saturday, June 04, 2011


1. A trusting heart.

2. An ear that is deaf to gossip.

3. A mind that forgives and forgets.

4. The ability to laugh.

5. Tears to cry during fights.

6. The ability to make up after fights.

7. Long weekends with him or her alone.

8. Crazy places to get it ON!

9. Old copies of your love letters to read when he is not around.

10. Emotional movies to watch together.

11. Patient and trustworthy friends to tell all the wonderful things your man or woman has done for you lately.

12. A phone to make long calls on.

13. A photo album to enshrine memories.

14. A lot of daydreams.

15. Lovely under wears.

16. The courage to let him go out with “The boys” occasionally.

17. Optimism.

18. Some “Crazy thoughts” to spice up your relationship once in a while.

19. Most importantly The Only Loving Heavenly Father, GOD! Who understands and meets all your heart desires.

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